Wednesday, December 11, 2019




William W. Stubbs & Associates is all about meeting people’s needs, because Bill Stubb's life is about meeting people's needs.


When Bill works for individuals, he is directed by their need for a home that serves their lifestyles, nurtures their innermost being, and lifts their spirits each time they walk in the door.


Named to the AD 100, Architectural Digest’s list of the World’s Top Designers and Architects, Stubbs’ award-winning designs have included renovations of historical buildings, private homes and estates, vacation retreats, and even the interior design of a large corporate jet. Stubbs’ holistic approach to each project defines his style and success.


When he works for real estate developers and builders with homes on the market, he uses his skills to enhance the environment toward that goal. He is motivated and inspired by stretching his abilities to exceed the expectations of his clients.


His recent projects have taken him around the world to Kiev, Moscow, London, Hawaii, Acapulco, Palm Beach, Colorado, the Pacific Coast, San Antonio and Houston. He has been blessed with a large arsenal of creative people with whom he collaborates.


He is also host of Emmy-nominated Moment of Luxury, a lifestyle series seen on PBS nationwide, and is an in-demand speaker in the design and luxury lifestyle circuits. The New York Times calls his style “rollicking, dishy spritz” and “enthusiastic and fun-loving.” Bill brings to Moment of Luxury the artistic eye, adventurous spirit and extensive knowledge that has made him one of the world’s leading interior designers.


The iconic Liz Smith said in New York Daily News: “No wonder they call him ‘the Indiana Jones of interior design.’” Nicholas Von Hoffman, of Architectural Digest commented “Bill Stubbs is like a carbonated drink. He has an enormously winning personality. He is optimism. He is hope. He is sunny vistas.” And Entertainment Weekly marveled: “Finally a guy with nicer taste than ours.”


Bill is also holding court in the blogosphere with Creating Your Classic Life,, a platform to share his fascinating life journey of collecting, admiring and creating classic lifestyles for his clients, family and friends.


Bill’s homes have been featured in Architectural Digest on numerous occasions and he is a regular guest on Good Morning America, BRAVO, Martha Stewart Living Radio and in national print profiles such as The New York Times and People Magazine.